Dear students, honourable guardians, respected teachers and well -wishers,

We are conveying the heartiest welcome on behalf of State College. Of the fundamental needs of the human beings education is the vital factor. Education makes a man accomplished as a human being. A man of perfection is a valuable asset to the nation. Hence, to build up that national resource, there is no alternative way to a reputed institute. But it is a matter of great regret that there is the insufficiency of the institutions of quality education. We, some committed persons with our combined efforts have established State College, suitable to Twenty First Century which is located at Housing Estate, an aristocratic area near Amberkhana in the heart of the Sylhet City.

With a view to fulfilling that demand with noble purpose and firm determination and building up honest, qualified, and enlightened persons we spared no pains to establish this prominent institute.

It has already played a key role in fulfilling the unquenchable thirst for knowledge of the students hailing from Science, Business Studies and Humanities groups at the intermediate level imparting the quality education.

It is true that doing well in the H.S.C exam needs plenty of classes, systematic teaching, regular exams and continuous practice. But congenial atmosphere, cordial love and affection are prerequisite. And we have become able to equip and are trying our utmost to direct State College.

All parents want  their children to be educated. Intermediate level is the stepping-stone to receive higher education from medical colleges, engineering institutes, and public universities. Because, if any student fails to attain proper guidelines and knowledge at this level he/ she has to pass the whole life in frustration. That is why , we have facilitated the students with proper directions imparting lessons appropriate to the age to keep them aloof from downtrodden situation. Certainly, your collaboration can make the college reach its destination.

Finally, we are optimistic that you will unhesitantly admit your son/daughter into State College to make them highly educated, skilled, talented and moral as well. We are responsible for satisfactory results of your children.

On Behalf of the Directors-


Niranjan Chandra Paul

Chairman, State College.

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